Friday, September 10, 2004

Shadow Chats at IRC

Session Start ( Sat Sep 11 10:38:39 2004
/Dunkin> hi
/Shadow^^> asl?
/Dunkin> gh
/Dunkin> 17 f
/Dunkin> u?
/Shadow^^> 35/m/manila
/Shadow^^> no sound?
/Dunkin> is it ok with u if im 17?
/Shadow^^> no ..
/Shadow^^> u have ate?
/Shadow^^> let me chat with her instead
/Shadow^^> i will only chat with her if she is cute
/Shadow^^> im sorry
/Shadow^^> but it has to be this way
/Dunkin> what r u talking about?
/Dunkin> can u clarify?
/Shadow^^> see
/Shadow^^> you could not understand me coz you are just 17
/Shadow^^> let me chat with your older sister
/Dunkin> Thats why im asking......
/Dunkin> I want t o know
/Shadow^^> you are too young to know
/Dunkin> But I would not know it...if you wont explain...
/Shadow^^> explain what
/Dunkin> what youre talking.....
/Dunkin> your questions.
/Shadow^^> what question?
/Shadow^^> be specific
/Dunkin> u want to cht with my older sister?
/Dunkin> I dont have ..
/Shadow^^> SO ...
/Shadow^^> do you have
/Shadow^^> a mother?
/Shadow^^> let me talk to her!!
/Dunkin> Yes mama is out
/Dunkin> papa is here
/Shadow^^> not interested
/Dunkin> Well u shouldn't ask.
/Shadow^^> tell papa
/Shadow^^> im not interested to chat with him..
/Shadow^^> ok
/Shadow^^> lets chat
/Dunkin> Ok im going to tell my papa
/Dunkin> lets chat then?
/Shadow^^> whats yer zodiac sign?
/Shadow^^> do you have friendster?
/Dunkin> Well my zodiac sign is PISCES
/Dunkin> and i hv a friendster
/Dunkin> u?
/Shadow^^> we are not compatible
/Shadow^^> my zodiac sign is Lizard
/Shadow^^> what is yur email add
/Shadow^^> so i can add u
/Shadow^^> mine is
/Dunkin> Even if were not compatible but still like each other.and are u sure thats yours?
/Shadow^^> yes
/Shadow^^> and yours
/Shadow^^> but you shud know ..
/Shadow^^> im old
/Dunkin> Are u married or still single?
/Shadow^^> no
/Shadow^^> i dont wanna know.
/Shadow^^> she got married .to someone a human .as they say
/Dunkin> Oh thts bad.......
/Shadow^^> of course
/Shadow^^> and so am I..
/Dunkin> Bu dont worry life's still go on.
/Shadow^^> buti pa life is going on..
/Shadow^^> im not..
/Shadow^^> lousy
/Shadow^^> lousy
/Dunkin> Oh dont think about it .....
/Dunkin> wel its just a challenge.
/Shadow^^> what
/Shadow^^> your lying..
/Dunkin> You dont trust yourself?
/Shadow^^> i dunnot trust anyone
/Shadow^^> especially dunkin donut trust anyone
/Dunkin> :))))))))))))
/Shadow^^> what is that?
/Dunkin> well nothing..........
/Dunkin> :)
/Shadow^^> are you poor?
/Dunkin> poor what?!
/Shadow^^> poor
/Shadow^^> not rich
/Shadow^^> so?
/Shadow^^> are you also poor?
/Dunkin> Is that your traits?huh!!!
/Dunkin> Insulting someone?
/Dunkin> HUH!
/Dunkin> HUH!
/Dunkin> HUH!
/Shadow^^> i was only asking
/Dunkin> HUH!
/Shadow^^> maybe its true.
/Dunkin> Even if im poor or rich whats the big deal!
/Dunkin> huh
/Shadow^^> nothing
/Shadow^^> i was only asking
/Shadow^^> you are so angry
/Shadow^^> are you?
/Dunkin> nope
/Dunkin> :)
/Shadow^^> you are lying
/Shadow^^> hahahhahha'
/Shadow^^> joking only
/Shadow^^> me
/Shadow^^> hehehhehhehe
/Dunkin> hahahaha hehehehe.......!!!!!!!
/Dunkin> OPos imn not joking
/Dunkin> YOur shadow nick means ..........
/Dunkin> hiding.....
/Dunkin> for.
/Shadow^^> no
/Shadow^^> its because
/Dunkin> what
/Shadow^^> ma Shadow akong mabait
/Shadow^^> ma Shadow akong matalino
/Shadow^^> ma Shadow akong burara
/Shadow^^> at ma Shadow akong inlove
/Shadow^^> sa anino ko
/Dunkin> oh you .make me laugh.
/Shadow^^> ha
*** Dunkin: No such nick/channel
/Shadow^^> ha
*** Dunkin: No such nick/channel

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