Wednesday, August 25, 2004

No News From God ~ Sin Noticias de Dios

just realized that Penelope Cruz could put up cool devil role like on this Film .. and that Viktoria Abril could be Hornyfyingly-Seductive as she moans while having sex on this movie..Alhough most part of the Film was is Spanish you surely shouldnt miscomprehend the plot..
interesting enough to rent a video copy of this movie by Agustin Yanes..

Abril’s and Cruz’s onscreen chemistry works well especially when Lola agrees to cooperate with Carmen on an evil plan to save Manny. While the conservative angel tries to learn how to use a gun to no avail, the evil one cocks her revolver with no sweat. However, it may be chauvinistic when Cruz’s character wants to be elevated to Circle 10 to become a man.

but the whole goes as the good angel comes down in the form of Lola Nevado, Manny’s estranged wife, while the evil one pretends to be Carmen Ramos, his visiting long-lost cousin. Their struggle for Manny’s soul will determine the fate of Heaven, which is faced with bankruptcy, and Hell, which is about to be occupied by rebels. However, it is not understandable why both camps are fighting over the soul of an unsympathetic character or how their bone of contention scores points on either side.

Just watch the damn film for heaven`s sake..!

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