Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Librans

i never knew if it has been a choice to be born as you choose?
maybe im just little observant with dumb patterns of sort
that have been recurring in this somewhat life..
one thing for sure that i do always notice.
I dunno if its just the way the universe was designed.

each and everytime when shit comes in the open
a Libran friend would always be there to pop up
or maybe just in reach..
though surrounded by vast individuals from time to time
they seldom fail.

maybe thats why they had always been my favorite
Aquarians comes next..
but you know aquarians .. dimensional

it has been always easier to remember friends`
birth sign rather than thier exact birthday
it gives you enough time to greet them in advance.

sometime in every decade the sun tilts on its axis
and shifts to a different sign within a week or two
rare though but true.. phenomenon

as Pure Morning goes ...
A friend in needs a friend indeed,
A friend who'll tease is better ,
Our thoughts compressed,
Which makes us blessed,
And makes for stormy weather,
A friend in needs a friend indeed,
My Japanese is better

Felices CompleaƱos de Abance
same goes with some of those scorpios
who never knew they trully are Librans

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